Dog Thrown from Truck Recovering & Needs a Home

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2.21.14 - Dog Thrown from Truck

The Suffolk County SPCA is searching for the persons responsible for throwing a pit bull out of a dark-colored four-door pickup truck on Long Island.  Though badly abused, the boy still just wants to be loved by people, and when he is well enough, needs someone who will keep him off death row and give him the home he deserves.

The incident took place around 9 pm on Wednesday near the post office in Mastic Beach.  A witness said the dog was thrown from the passenger’s side window.

“And when the dog hit the ground, the dog got up and started running toward the vehicle that threw it out of the window. Talk about how sad of a situation this was,” lamented Suffolk County SPCA Chief Roy Gross.

When the witness stopped to see if the dog was injured, he jumped right into their vehicle.  The three-to-four-year-old dog was distressed and suffering from head trauma.

2.21.14 - Dog Thrown from Truck2

“He was very shaken up, has a two-inch puncture wound right over the eye that’s fresh, that we don’t believe was caused by being dropped out of the vehicle,” Gross said.

He was wearing a black collar and is house-trained.  He had a number of healed scars on his face, and indication that he was likely a bait dog used in fighting.

The sweet guy is now under the care of a veterinarian.  Gross says he is very friendly, and will be put up for adoption soon.

“This is a blatant act of animal cruelty and we will do everything we can to see that those responsible are apprehended,” Gross avered.

The SPCA is offering a $2,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible.  Anyone with information or who would like to donate to or adopt the unnamed dog should contact the Suffolk County SPCA by calling 631-382-7722 or by clicking here.






15 thoughts on “Dog Thrown from Truck Recovering & Needs a Home”

  1. This pisses me off!! This poor animal is probably wondering what he did so wrong! I hope the POS that did this is found and prosecuted, better yet, I have some rope, PICK A TREE!!!! God willing, this poor baby finds a home where he will be loved! The depravity that human’s possess no longer astounds me, it scares me!!!

    • And your depravity is no better, many of your posts here say the same damn thing, “violence begets violence”, you are no better than the animals that did this to this poor wee Dog.

      Hows about we punish the perps financially, and with having to do acts that aid all our communities. Treating violence with violence, only makes the perps more violent to survive, they lose compassion and so they hurt more innocents in the process.

  2. This dog has scars, so now it’s a bait dog??? No, it was a fighting dog. A bait dog would be far more scarred, or more likely dead. This dog will get adopted by some yuppie and kill the neighbors shih tzu.

    • I do wonder how you would feel if you were treated the same way this dog was treated for the way you look (white/black/yellow)! You think it’s ok to treat an animal like that – that says a lot about you! The point of this sad news wasn’t about the breed of the dog, it’s about the cruelty that (sadly) only human is capable of!

  3. For anonymous, you are a clueless jerk.
    pits are wonderful dogs,it’s the owners that have made the bad names for them.
    oh,by the way, I am not a yuppie.

    • S/he is just another scum bag who thinks it’s ok to treat a dog like that b/c it’s a pit bull…wonder how these people would feel to have the scars on their faces resulted from the same cruelty and to be tossed out of a moving vehicles for (let’s just say) looking ugly!

  4. You cannot fix stupid; perhaps it is time that people have to take a course in how to be a good pet parent or write an exam; makes one wonder if these people have children and how they are treated. I sincerely hope this loving dog gets a GOOD home.

  5. He is not for adoption… He will be going home to his loving family who did not do this to him… Hap got out of his family’s front door… The scumbag who found him threw him out the window…

  6. He’s NOT up for adoption. My friend fostered Hap for many months before finding him a home. Its just unfortunate that he ran out of the house and BAD PEOPLE grabbed him and did this to him. His family DID NOT do this.

  7. he has a loving home- the news doesn’t have the story quite right- he ran out of
    the door when the autistic son was playing with it and was picked up by someone else who abused him and then threw him out the truck- he needs to heal and return home


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