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A Cry for Help: Starving Dog Trapped in Abandoned Missouri Home


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My stomach is turning after happening across this story tonight. A pit bull and her puppies have been stranded in an abandoned home in Bonne Terre, MO. The dogs were left behind when the owner of the home was sent to jail. That was nearly four weeks ago.


Distressed neighbors have made calls to local authorities with no success. “I’ve called the Humane Society in St. Louis,” neighbor Gary Manser says. “I’ve called the Humane Society in Farmington. I’ve called the Sheriff’s department to try and get some help to see if somebody could come over here and take this dog out of that house, and nobody has done nothing. And I’m just at my wit’s end about it.”

A near skeletal pit bull is visible in the video below. No food or water is available to the dog, and it is my fear that unless someone like Hans Petersen shows up, we may be reading another bad news story in a matter of days.

“Come and rescue this dog,” Manser begs in the video. “Take it out of that house and give it to somebody that can give it a good home, because that dog is going to die over there.”

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