Maryland Residents Outraged Over Sentencing of Dog Abuser

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BALTIMORE – Local animal advocates are up in arms over the sentencing of a man accused of beating his dog to death with a plastic pipe. An anonymous call led to the arrest of Derrick Chambers. Officers responded to a report that someone saw Chambers beating the dog before stuffing it in a plastic bag and throwing it in the bed of his truck. Police took the dog to a city shelter, where it had to be euthanized due to extensive injuries.

Based on his attorney’s recommendation, Chambers was sentenced to 50 hours of community service at the Maryland SPCA.

“We would never recommend that a child molester do community service with the boy scouts and we should never recommend that a person charged with animal abuse do community service with animals. There’s just too much risk of harm and we believe with the severity of the crime this perpetrator should be punished.” Baltimore Animal Cruelty Taskforce Director Caroline Griffin said. Griffin is a member of the local animal abuse task force. She called the sentence outrageous.

Maryland SPCA Executive Director Aileen Gabby made it clear that the SPCA had not been contacted, and did not intend to comply with the judge’s order. “There is no chance that we will have an animal abuser volunteer with the Maryland SPCA it’s our job to protect the animals and we have to look out for our staff and volunteers who truly love animals and want to be here.” Maryland SPCA Executive Director Aileen Gabby said.

Both she and Griffin say they are incredulous that the court would order him to be around more animals.

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12 thoughts on “Maryland Residents Outraged Over Sentencing of Dog Abuser”

  1. ridiculous sentence. My question in this case is…. What abuse did the dog suffer before he bit the man and his wife (for that matter what abuse may his wife have suffered)? He needs to serve time, but it sounds like he has anger issues and serving time will probably just intensify t hem.

  2. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THAT JUDGE…So the dog bite the people, th dog was trying to save its self from more abuse….and they want to give the guy CS at a Shelter??? Thas just wrong….I call BS on the not enought evaidence in the case to call for more harsh punishment on that guy…THE DOG DIED….WHAT MORE DO THEY NEED…..makes me sick….and beat the guy myself and see how he likes it….

  3. Does anyone know the name of the judge? November is around the corner. Maybe it’s time to vote someone else in on the bench.


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