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Cuban Pet Owner and Dog Risk Lives At Sea for American Dream

by Katherine

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A group of 12 Cubans migrants and a dog arrived on Miami Beach on September 15, 2015, after spending 6 days at sea. For them, the 329 mile long journey was well worth risking their lives. All of it, for a better future not only for themselves but the dog as well.

A child point to Chiquitica after arriving on Miami Beach.
A child point to Chiquitica after arriving on Miami Beach.

Eleven males, a woman and a mix breed female dog, hopped onto a boat made of steel drums, a tree branch and plastic. For four days the hopeful Cubans navigated the sea with a motorized boat, but during the last two days, the engine gave out, and the travelers were left to the mercy of the wind and whatever they could use to paddle to America.

When the migrants arrived on the beach, they were relieved to have reached their destination. The pet, named Chiquitica, seemed scared but was in overall good health.

Within minutes of arriving the migrants were welcomed by Americans, they were then greeted by U.S. Border Patrol officers and are now in their custody. All migrants, including the dog, are expected to stay in South Florida.