Cute Bulldog Does Crunches

A dog does a few crunches with the help of his personal trainer. They stop after a few situps and doggie seems happy to go along with the plan.

4 thoughts on “Cute Bulldog Does Crunches”

  1. So I guess if this is animal cruelty, we should not train our dogs to do anything! While I did not find this amusing, I did not think it was cruel!

  2. You know, it looks like the dog is well fed, happy and healthy. I wouldn’t do it with my dog, but I have seen real abuse in the rescues I have done, and this isn’t abuse. I agree that it is a trick. Maybe not in the best taste, but still a trick.

    • Chris, I definitely agree! I have seen a real cruelty on rescue, he looks healthy and happy even with a little non sense owner… lol


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