Pig wants to be a dog, just like her best friend

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A unique friendship has developed between a three-month old pig named Piglet and a two-year old terrier named Alfie. Piglet has become so bonded to Alfie that she has traded her life as a pig in for life as a dog.

Nick Lawler is the owner of Winder Hall, a country home in northern England. Back in June a litter of 11 piglets was born at Winder Hall. The runt of the litter, Piglet, escaped from her pen she shared with her 10 siblings by tunneling under the barbed-wire. She has been following Alfie, Lawler’s two-year-old terrier, around ever since.

Piglet shows no desire to return to her life as a pig with her siblings, instead forming a tight bond with Alfie and acting like a dog. “She really does think she’s a dog and I think it’s been love at first sight for both of them,” said Lawler.

Lawler says he has never seen a pig and a dog develop a relationship like theirs, “Normally a pig is really guarded around a dog but both seem at ease in each other’s company.” Piglet likes to sleep with Alfie in his kennel and even prefers to eat out of a dog bowl. The two best friends spend their days sniffing and running around the fields like most dogs.

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  1. About ten years ago while staying with my Aunt, my rottweiler became best friends with her pot bellied pig. The pig started barling and my dog started trowing like the pig. It was very strange but quite cute at the same time.


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