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Cute Fox Thinks She’s a Dog

by Melanie

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2.12.14 - Fox Thinks She's a Dog

When one good Samaritan found a stray dog, like many, they brought it to a local shelter. As it turns out, the stray was not a dog, but a fox. But don’t tell her that – she likes all the things dogs do – belly rubs, chin scratchings and wagging her tail at things that make her happy!

Soon after the kit was brought to Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary in the UK, workers discovered that what they had on their hands was not a dog, but a canine relative. But the fox, called Dawn, doesn’t act like a wild animal.

She acts more like her dog pals at the sanctuary, enjoying playtime and attention from staff. She gently nibbles fingers, likes getting scratched and wags her tail to show her enjoyment.

The sanctuary cares for animals and prepares them for life in the wild, but Dawn is too tame to be out on her own. She cannot look after herself and will not be returning to the wild.

It is unknown what Dawn’s fate will be, but the sanctuary reminds people that foxes are not pets, and it is not recommended that people take them in.