Dakota, from Broken Hearted to Whole Again

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Many people believe that because animals are willing to love unconditionally, time and time again, it is easier for them to forgive and forget, but what many people don’t know or understands is that pets, like humans, feel pain and dwell on it as much as we do.

This is the story of Dakota, a shelter dog from Sabine Humane Society Animal Shelter, La., who was adopted but 15 days after leaving the shelter, she was returned.

Dakota being comforted by a volunteer. Photo Credit: Sabine Humane Society Animal Shelter
Dakota being comforted by a volunteer. Photo Credit: Sabine Humane Society Animal Shelter

For the second time in her like, Dakota felt betrayed. Once again she became an unwanted pet.

Sabine Humane Society Animal Shelter posted on their Facebook wall the story of Dakota.

Dakota was adopted from the shelter on Nov. 4, 2013, and shelter staff believed she was on her way to the perfect, forever home. They were wrong.

“Dakota went to her new home and got so attached to her new owner, she started acting out when the owner would leave the house,” reads the post. “[This] is not unusual for a shelter dog that has been abandoned.”

On Nov. 19, 2013, the same person that adopted Dakota came back to return her.

“I felt the sadness Dakota felt as she walked through the door, and as her owner walked out the door (without saying goodbye of course) she stood and watched him leave,” said the post. “She took a step towards the door to follow. Then she slowly turned from the door.”

As Dakota’s heart broke that day, many hearts belonging to volunteers broke as well. Fortunately, Dakota found loving arms in a Sabine Humane Society Animal Shelter volunteer, who hugged her (see picture) to dissipate her pain.

“I really wish people would commit when they adopt or take in an animal,” the post continues. “These wonderful creatures have feelings and they hurt just like we do, the only difference is, they hold no grudges, they’re always ready to love again.”

Dakota’s story was shared across the social media site. Shelter volunteers hoped that someone would fall in love with Dakota and rescue her again.

Thirteen days after being returned to the shelter, Dakota’s luck changed. A new loving family had come forward to adopt her and they were willing to work through her separation anxiety issues and give her a place to call home.

“This wonderful family drove 5 hours to give Dakota a forever home today! God has truly blessed our shelter! God be with you sweet girl and know that you are loved!

To view a picture of Dakota with her new loving family visit Sabine Humane Society Animal Shelter.


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  1. I am wondering why this usually great website that advocates for dogs would have a commercial on it for Petland that is selling puppies (usually these companies buy from puppy mills)! Thumbs down!!!

    • No advert for petland on My browsers.

      You will find that it is YOUR browser that is infected with a program that pushes adverts to your browser according to what you are already browsing, in this case a pet blog…

      You should be more careful with what you allow to be downloaded and added to your browser, many of those programs watch what you are typing, (pay bills ? buying online ? bank account details ? )…

      Next time, think before you speak…

  2. when we lost our bambi in 2006, i was devastated. i had missed that he had an intestinal blockage. in the 13 years that we had him, i had never missd any type of illness with him. when i contacted my vet to let him of bambi’s passing, he told me that he had started an adoption service and that he had 3 cats that were looking for their furever home. my husband wanted to wait until after the holidays (this was beginning of november and did not want to worry about the christmas tree with a new little one in the home (we both worked long hours and it would have been alone for long periods of time during the day). when i told my husband that i wanted to go and see the cats that weekend he knew what was coming. i ended up taking the 2 kittens that were full brother and sister. what i did not know until i took them in for spaying and nuetering was that my little boy had been adopted by another heartless family and after 24 hours brought him back because they said it would not work. excuse me, this was the first time he was away from his litter mates and he was scared and lonely. my little boy is the sweetest furbaby you ever met. he is still, after 7 years, scared that he is going to be sent back, even though he is spending the rest of his life with his full sister. i would NEVER send him back. once when i walked out of my vets office with him, he was mine FUREVER!!! and guess what, my husbands worry of these furbabies over the holidays never happened. they never bothered the tree at 9 weeks old and at 7 years old, they still don’t. what i love is the fact that my little boy got his happy ending. he got a home that he is loved and adored in.

  3. i’m glad dakota dodged that bullet – clearly the person who brought her back is unfit to care for animals and probably children as well.

    how much you want to bet he threatens the kids with things like “you better behave or you can get out of my house!” or “behave or i’ll call the cops to come and get you” because, you know, everything in life must revolve around him and his convenience.

    i REALLY REALLY hope he and his spouse are aware that the reason they’re getting dirty looks from friends and neighbours is because everybody’s seen what they did to dakota.


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