Two Strangers Risk Their Lives to Save Dog

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For nearly three hours on Sunday a dog was stranded in the middle of the icy Delaware River. The conditions were too dangerous for fire and police to help, but two men refused to sit by and do nothing.

The dog was spotted by residents near Trenton, New Jersey on Sunday afternoon. The dog was disoriented and frightened as it tried to navigate the ice. Residents and police attempted to lure the animal safely off the ice, but were unsuccessful. People began to feel helpless as they watched.

“There is a boat here, but we couldn’t get a boat out there and he or she just keeps roaming the middle of the same area,” said Cecilia Gardano. “It’s sad but we are trying.”

The icy conditions were too risky for firefighters and police to go out onto the ice and endanger themselves. Russ Miller and Ciro Silvestri had different ideas though. Silvestri had heard about the dog from a relative and rushed to help.

“She said that the fire department isn’t really wanting to do anything about it, they don’t want to endanger themselves,” said Silvestri. “If they are not going to do something, I will.”

Miller also felt compelled to do something and showed up with a kayak and a wet suit. Once officials left around 6 p.m. the two men made a move. The slowly made their way across the ice towards Duke and placed him in the kayak. Fifteen minutes later all three were safely back on land.

It was a risky maneuver and both men admitted they felt like the ice was going to give way several times.

Once rescued the dog, named Duke, was reunited with his very relieved owner.

“We had been missing our dog for the last three days,” said Duke’s owner Keonna Wilson. “I went to every animal shelter and everything looking for him. I was just about to put out flyers and then I got the call.”

5 thoughts on “Two Strangers Risk Their Lives to Save Dog”

  1. Hearing stories like this constantly lately. So sick of irresponsible pet owners. Keep an eye on your dog and they won’t end up in a dangerous situation. These dogs shouldn’t be allowed back with an owner that could put them in danger again.

    • Dogs get out due to no fault of the owner all the time! Watch Bad Dog on animal planet some time. They show many stories of dogs that constantly get out no matter what the owner ties to do to keep it safe. Just because a dog got out does NOT MEAN the person is a bad owner! Stop being a jack ass!

  2. It is most unfortunate that there
    exist in the world so many
    inconsiderate, judgmental people
    like the author of the previous post
    who was comfortable condemning
    the traumatized dog owner without
    a clue as to how she can to “lose”
    her dog.

    What if his leash broke and the dog
    bolted ? This is just one of many
    possibilities where a responsible
    owner may “lose” control of their

    More appropriate IMO would be to
    commend the kind dog lovers who
    risked their own safety in order to
    rescue this unfortunate dog in

    The world truly needs more people
    like them and none like this reader
    who is so quick to judge others
    despite his/her lack of all of the
    relevant facts.

    In keeping with the good book,
    “He who hath not sinned let him
    cast the first stone”


  3. May God bless the outstanding, kind, brave and loving men that saved this poor little pooch! Those guys are my kind of heros!!! Hugs to both of you and to the dog’s owner who, I’m sure, was half crazed with worry!

  4. Does the town have an award or special recognition that goes to people or animals that go above and beyond the call to help others? If so, I nominate the rescuers!


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