Delaware’s First Family Adopts Shelter Dog

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Delaware’s first family has a new member of the household and her name is “Rue.” Rue is a playful, three-month old puppy with some pretty big paws.

The Governor is teaching Rue to fetch. Her name comes from a character in the movie, “The Hunger Games.” The puppy is possibly part Shepherd, Boxer and Lab, and was adopted from the Delaware Humane Association.

Rue the dog joins pets Belle the cat and Norma the goldfish in the Markell household.

34 thoughts on “Delaware’s First Family Adopts Shelter Dog”

  1. Look at that expression on her face – I have seen the same one on my pound puppy’s face….”I love you for rescuing me!”

  2. Congratulations to Delaware’s first family for saving a life and adopting not shopping. Our Governor of PA shopped and purchased his two dogs from a breeder….boooo! I also agree that our President should have also set an example and adopted instead of lining the pockets of a breeder.

  3. Let’s give the President a break – One of the girls is allergic to dogs, so the PWD was one of the few breeds they could have. I’m 99% sure Bo was a gift to the family from Senator Ted Kennedy, and I’m 99% sure Bo had been rejected or returned by at least one family because he was too active. So Bo is effectively a rescued dog, too.

    • THANK YOU.

      You’re absolutely right, Bo was returned by his original family and needed a new home. It’d be the same as them going to a Breed Rescue, except it was the breeder doing the right thing by making sure to find Bo a new home.

      Seriously, it’d be horrible parenting to bring home a dog that will make your child miserable just because it will influence other people.


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