Detroit Rallies for Rescued Dog Found Skinned

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9.13.13 - Skinned Detroit Dog1Staff at a Garden City rescue group are calling a case of animal abuse one of the worst they’ve ever seen: a rat terrier was abandoned after being stabbed and partially skinned.

Detroit resident Timothy Williams, who lives across from Patton Park, found her on his front porch. He wrapped her in a towel and had someone call the police.

It was literally cut from shoulder to shoulder around. It was a perfect cut,” Williams said. “She was in shock. She was shivering.”

Providing for Paws then took her in and saw that she receive treatment at Emergency Veterinary Hospital of Ann Arbor. The 10-pound dog had been skinned from the nape of her neck up to her ears, and had been stabbed several times in the side. Fortunately, no internal organs were punctured.

Her skin is hanging off the side her body and is clean-cut from the back of her neck to her ears. This was not an accident. The cuts are perfect and deliberate,” said Providing for Paws president and founder Joanne Dixon. “We don’t understand who would do this or why. And any leads we can get to whoever did this, we are going to be offering a reward of $1,000 at this point.”

She believes the dog, whom they are calling Patty, belongs to someone – possibly even a little girl.

Her toenails are painted pink, so we’re pretty sure that she was owned,” Dixon said. “Maybe she got loose from her yard, or somebody possibly stole her, and we believe that there is an owner probably looking for her.”

Veterinarian Amanda Houk with Patty after her five-hour surgery.
Veterinarian Amanda Houk with Patty after her five-hour surgery.


When news broke in the about Patty’s intentional torture, Detroiters rallied. A YouCaring fundraiser was started to cover medical costs, and people went above and beyond to help. The goal was set at $5,000, but over $20,000 has flooded in by compassionate and generous individuals who want to see Patty thrive.

Though Patty underwent five hours of surgery, vets will not be able to reattach her fur. However, she is recovering and is in stable condition.

Anyone who knows who Patty belongs to or who mutilated her should call Providing for Paws at 734-765-8989.


The photos of Patty are very graphic, and heeding advice from fans who wish not to be presented with such horrible images, we have opted not to show them here, but to redirect those brave enough to look to the photo page on Providing for Paws’ Facebook page, found by clicking here.






15 thoughts on “Detroit Rallies for Rescued Dog Found Skinned”

  1. Detroit, you have a real sicko on your hands. This person is extremely dangerous as I’m sure you know. I won’t be surprised if that reward grows considerably, as it should.

    I hope the little dog recovers quickly and finds a loving home.

  2. There is a lot of evil in that city. It needs the Armed Guard or something there to restore order. The innocent ones are paying for it.

  3. I know they say Detroit is the most dangerous and cruel city to live in because of so much violence – but a line has to be drawn and I’m glad to see there exists people who are compassionate and caring that they stepped forward to help this little girl. And to the piece of shit who did this ~ I do hope you’re reading this because WHEN you are found – and YOU WILL BE FOUND – you better hope it’s by the cops and not one of us. Because believe me, PA isn’t that far away and I’ll skin your ass myself and leave you at the dump – not on someone’s porch to be found. You’re a sick individual who need to be put away. Hugs and Kisses to Patty. I hope you find her human.

  4. This is just so sad to see…Humans think they can do anything they want to animals cause they don’t feel…yea ok…and this is not ever going to stop because the penalty isn’t harsh enough…people who abuse animals are far worse than ones who abuse other humans, animals tend not to defend themselves…i hope this person has a crappy life till they die!!

  5. This country has got to get serious about finding and punishing people who do things like this. You have to know that who ever did this is a sick, evil person and since they did this once they most likely will continue. We have to demand that animal abuse is a felony punishable by jail time. In my heart, I fear that there is no cure for animal abusers.


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