Detroit Rescue Community Joins Forces in Support of Rescued Pit Bull

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An emaciated pit bull found at a Detroit ACE hardware story was picked up by animal control and showered with support from the Detroit animal rescue community. Detroit rescuers came together and held a candle light vigil for Ace outside of Detroit Animal Control where Ace was thought to be housed. Sadly, it turned out that he was no longer there! Watch as the rescue community teams up to confront a sad situation that plays out far too often in American cities.


The American Strays Project is a project of the World Animal Awareness Society, working to educate the public about the situation in Detroit and in many cities around the world where there is a high level of poverty and many complex interactions with animals. They hope to improve the existence of both animals and people by raising awareness via their film series.


0 thoughts on “Detroit Rescue Community Joins Forces in Support of Rescued Pit Bull”

  1. your headline made it seem the story had a happy ending. that was extremely misleading. Was that deliberate? if it was, i found it very hurtful.
    i share a lot for animals but to read a headline that the rescue community joined forces and then to know that the dog was destroyed is horrible.
    You had the responsibility not to be misleading.

  2. I remember Ace on the news. We are in metro Detroit. It was heartbreaking to hear the DAC had put him down, probably within minutes of bringing him in the center. So many rescue agencies were willing to take him, including PBR. RIP Ace… another sad story from Detroit. I hope there will be changes in DAC with Duggan at the helm.

  3. I hope so too, Jenny. I find it particularly horrific living in the UK where there are no high kill shelters. 7k animals are euthanised yearly. times that by 4 to compare it to the US. And even 7k is too much. so sad. He was starved and then his reward was to be put down? Outrageous.


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