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Dierks Bentley and Family Adopt a New Dog, but Jake Will Still NEVER Be Replaced

by Fred

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Some of you may be familiar with the country musician called Dierks Bentley, and just how much of a best friend his dog Jake was to him.  Jake had passed on a few months ago and even though there’s no way any dog could ever truly replace him, Bentley and his family are ready to bring another furry, four-legged member into the fold.

“Jake’s been with me through every phase of my career, since before I had a publishing deal; before I even had a gig, really,” said Bentley.  “When I got my first gigs downtown, he’d be waiting there in the windowsill.  He actually wore out a little spot in the couch where he’d wait for me.  I’d come home real late, and he’d be there sitting in the window, putting in his time.  Those were his years of grinding, sitting in the window waiting for me.”

Not unlike anytime a beloved family member passes, Bentley and his family do miss Jake very much.  What is different, is now that the family has had their time to grieve in a way that was proper for them, they are ready to accept a new member, and provide a loving, stable, and safe place to call home for the new dog.  At this point, there’s only one issue.  They haven’t named him yet.

“In and out in about 10 minutes.  We got a dog.  We don’t have a name yet.  We got a dog,” said Bentley.

Check out this adorable video of Bentley singing a song to his beloved Jake below.  Remember readers, although some of them may be with us for just a short time, every dog you love and allow to truly be another member of your family for real will touch your heart in ways that you may not have ever experienced before.