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Dog Alerts Owner to Danger Before Tree Falls on Their House


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A tree fell onto the roof of the woman’s home.


Early Tuesday morning a 25-year-old woman’s dog woke up and started barking like crazy. Hannah Todd got up and checked the property for an intruder but went back to bed. A little over an hour later the reason for the dog’s alarm became clear.  Around 4:30 am, a large portion of a tree fell on the house. The tree caused the roof to collapse and came crashing into the bedroom where Hannah and her dog slept.

The Indianapolis Fire Department crews were called on to the scene. They could not identify why the tree fell, but the block which the house is on is lined with many older trees. Neither Hannah nor her dog sustained serious injuries, though Hannah did take a bump on her head from collapsing drywall. Hannah did not talk to press, but Indianapolis Fire Department’s public information officer Bonnie Hensley said, “She has a little bump on her head and she’s shaken up, but she’s really glad that –her dog was on the bed with her- that they are both okay.”


The tree collapsed over the woman’s bedroom.