Dog “Arrested” for Stealing Pizza

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A Salem, Oregon family was looking forward to a pizza dinner on Wednesday, but didn’t get to because a roaming dog jumped in their vehicle and ate it.

A woman and her family had just returned home from grocery shopping around 3 pm.  She had noticed a husky wandering around their neighbor’s yard.  As she unloaded her grandmother’s wheelchair from the SUV, the dog humped in and began gobbling up the pizza.

He barked aggressively when she tried to scare him off, so she called the sheriff’s office.  He was still eating when a deputy arrived, and wouldn’t let the man near him.  The deputy called animal control, who was finally able to get the dog out and to the county shelter.

Earlier in the afternoon, the owners of this rogue husky, whose name is Eysak, had posted a lost dog report on the county website.  He had escaped from the backyard.  The owners were contacted and picked up their voracious boy.

Though Eysak’s collar did not have an address tag on it, it did have a tag that read “Don’t mess with my food.”



5 thoughts on “Dog “Arrested” for Stealing Pizza”

  1. Fantastic!! AND the owners gave fair warning. I can relate because when I get hungry, don’t get in the way of me and my food! Great story. I’m just glad the cop didn’t shoot him like they usually do.

  2. That’s funny. Glad dog was safely reunited with his owners. Everyone know you don’t bother dogs when they’re eating, especially when you don’t know them. I like that his tag gave fair warning. Cute. I feel the same about my food. lol.

  3. They should have called take out not animal control ordering two pizzas, one for them and one for that hungry dog. Not nice people


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