Dog Begs to Be allowed on Bed

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For any pet owner it is very difficult not to fall for those sad puppy eyes our pets give us when they want to get away with something, but when your pet gets extra cute while begging, resisting the fur ball is close to impossible. Is your dog this cute while he or she begs?

13 thoughts on “Dog Begs to Be allowed on Bed”

  1. We allow our dog on the bed but he refuses to join us. So we are the ones begging and clapping our hands with zero interest in return. He just looks at us and finds a spot on the floor. It’s maddening!

  2. My dog used to have a bed in the kitchen when she was a pup, but within months she found my bed. 3 years later and the kitchen isn’t even an option, she races straight for my bed. 🙂


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