Dog Celebrates Positive News from Medical Test Results

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When Lily’s owner rushed their Golden Retriever to the vet clinic, the last thing they expected to hear was that their beloved dog had cancer. The pet probably had months, if not just a few days to live. Not giving up hope the pet’s owners opted for a risky surgery and prayed for a miracle, and just a few days later Lily and her owners celebrated to the best news ever. Lily was cancer free!

Dani Makai took her dog to the vet and found out the pet had a tumor on her spleen. The dog needed emergency surgery, she was anemic due to internal bleeding and needed a blood transfusion. Without surgery, Lily would die.

Veterinarians diagnosed the pet with Hermangiosarcoma, a disease common in Golden Retrievers and with deathly consequences for most cases. Veterinarians told the pet owners that removing the tumor would extend the pet’s life but it most likely wouldn’t cure her.

Makai didn’t want to lose her pet and opted for the surgery. There was only a 10% chance that the tumor was benign and the pet owner was praying for a miracle.

After surgery Lily seemed better, but vets advised the pet owner that the sudden health gain was only temporary and in a few months Lily would bleed out.

“I kept saying, ‘but what if it is benign?’ They were clear that it has never happened in their whole career and we should be prepared and just enjoy our time with her,” said Makai.

Well , one week later the biopsy results came back and this is how Makai broke the good news to her pet.