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Dog Comes to Store Worker’s Aid and Chases Away Robber on Video!

by Fred

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A closed circuit video surveillance system in a small store caught a dog being a hero!  When a would-be robber with a gun came in, the dog sprang into action disarming the person, saving the life of the shopkeeper and making sure that the miscreant with the weapon got away with nothing.

The dog in the video is called Hobby, and he is four years old.  He hangs out in a shop with his human in Manosque, France, and according to a UK News outlet, the incident took place around closing time for the shop.

In the video, you can see the intruder come into the store wearing a mask, and brandishing a weapon.  Then, you can see Hobby coming out from behind the counter, and right at the person.  The dog and the shopkeeper manage to disarm the subject, and get him out the door.

According to the video, no one was seriously injured.  Well, maybe except for the intruder’s pride!  That will show him!  Never mess with a shopkeeper that keeps a good dog around.  Especially one like Hobby!  Now someone go get that dog a dinosaur bone!


7.8.16 - BumpyBottoms