UPDATE:  Libre, the Dying Puppy, Is Doing Much Better

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7.5.16 - Libre the Puppy Rescued from a Hellish Start1



A few days ago we posted a story about Libre, the mangy, maggot-infested puppy that came to Speranza Animal Rescue, giving him his best shot at survival.  In what can only be described as an asinine decision, the Lancaster County SPCA has stated that they cannot prove this puppy was being mistreated by the breeder.  However, Libre is doing much better, and is now drinking water on his own.

According to ABC 27 News, SPCA director Susan Martin said,it cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the breeder intended to harm the puppy or willingly neglected to care for him.”


Janine from Speranza is livid about their decision:

“How can a puppy be under the care of a veterinarian, when there are maggots crawling out of skin folds, ears, and pressure sores?” she posted on Facebook.  “He weighs less than 7 pounds – so emaciated that he can’t regulate his own body temperature. He has a raging infection caused by the severity of his demodectic mange.”

It was originally thought that Libre was less than two months old, but he’s actually about four months old.  Four months, and only weighing seven pounds??  And that’s not abuse?!

However, on a more positive note, Libre is recovering well.  He is gaining strength, eating canned food, and is now able to drink water, and all by himself!


7.8.16 - Libre

61 thoughts on “UPDATE:  Libre, the Dying Puppy, Is Doing Much Better”

    • To all of the foul mouthed people leaving comments … you are missing a key word … WILLINGLY neglected this poor pup. That is almost impossible to prove.

      • How ’bout this, sheilav: the breeder had a WILLINGLY ALLOWED the puppy to become emaciated, dehydrated, and covered in puss-filled sores which were infested with maggots.

      • How about this you brain dead moron ! what are you? a frikkin lawyer ?? Animals suffer ,idiot !! this pup didn’t get this way by itself.
        IT WAS NEGLECTED !!! With the help of this OVER PAID idiot sue martin !! and the spca and the two so-called vets that agreed with
        the OVER PAID MORON Sue Martin. Some body is getting kick-backs from these animal abusers !!

  1. Thank God for the people who come to the aid of these defenseless animals!!! God bless you little girl, I am rooting for you!! Shame on the judge. Really makes you shake your head in disbelief 🙁

  2. You are kidding me??!! It can’t be proved the puppy was abused, much less neglected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What idiot is making that decision?????????????????????????????

    • Right on!!!! Sounds like the judge or whoever is as dumb as the owner!!!!! Please reconsider and make owner responsible, but in heavens name get Libra into the hands of a caring, helpful permanent home.

  3. I am in tears. The poor thing….people are horrible…h9w could that be done to a animal. What did he ever do to you

  4. This really makes me sad IM an animal lover and cant stand to see this kind of treatment of any animal Please post more pics so I know he is getting better any one that lets this happen to animal should not be around animals how sad

  5. This poor baby boy looks like a piece of rare meat and there are no consequences for the person who let this happen? I will pray for this little baby. The breeder should perp walked to jail for animal cruelty. This didn’t happen overnight. A huge thank you and blessings to the Dillsbury Veterinary Center and Janine from Speranza that are loving him and helping him recover. Please keep us up to date with his progress.


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