Dog Fighting Bust in Alabama is Second Largest Ever

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6.8.14 - Dog Fighting Bust in Alabama is Second Largest Ever

The multi-state dog fighting raid ended in Alabama and law enforcement is saying it was the second largest bust in U.S. history.  Federal agents serving the warrants have rescued a total of 367 dogs from a lifetime of pain and suffering at the hands of some truly evil people.

The 367 dog were pit bull terriers.  They were found tethered to some very heavy chains, some were completely flea and tick infested, and they were kept a good distance apart from each other.

“Animals being spared the life of suffering at the end of a chain or at the hands of somebody in a bloody pit, where they’d ultimately lose their lives,” said Chris Schindler, one of the federal agents working on the case.

This will, however, not be the case for these dogs, as the rescue will provide a second chance thanks to the tireless efforts of state and federal officials.  Law enforcement from the FBI along with state and local police, the Humane Society, and the ASPCA held a press conference regarding the national operation, which covered Crenshaw, Lee, Coffee and Houston Counties.

Eleven search warrants were served in Alabama alone this past Friday.  There were 260 dogs in all taken out of this horribly abusive situation just in that state.  The single largest bust was in Waverley, Alabama where a total of 114 dogs were removed from a single property.

“Today, these dogs are comfortable in the shelter being taken care of by ASPCA and HSUS responders.  They’re getting the food and water and medical care that they needed and they’re finally getting a loving hand from responders who care for this dogs,” said Tim Rickey with the ASPCA.

The fights were not being held at the locations included in the raid.  They were set up more like puppy mills, with training grounds.  There has been a total of 10 people charged with various animal rights violations, along with illegal gambling charges so far.  Officials expect even more arrests to come very soon.

12 thoughts on “Dog Fighting Bust in Alabama is Second Largest Ever”

  1. They need to increase the charges when you do this to these beautiful animals. They should be charged 2 felonies for every dog! If they don’t this terrible practice will continue. These dogs have blood, tissue, and feel pain just like humans. Also these people go on and do horrible crimes to people as well because they have lost the inhibition of seeing pain and seeing blood. This was the very first psychological testing on people that watch and hear animals in pain yet we havn’t learned from those psychological testing. People put a stop to this horrible practice, because you might be the next one harmed in a different way by these same criminals who hurt the dogs.

  2. The law enforcement that is involved in these raids need to look at Butler County as well. One of the teachers at Georgiana School was arrested for this very thing. And he was not fired by the way. There are people in town at this time raising dogs for this very reason.

    • Dog fighters haven’t discovered labs yet. I bet if labs were being bred like crazy and you can get one for a dollar, they might start doing something with them.
      German shepherds have long coats that will matt and they will mots likely not survive the abuse. Standing 24/7 outside no water, shelter or food most will perish in the heat.

      People use pits because they are easy to find, they are extremely loyal. They are so people friendly that even when fighting another dog, they never turn and bite their owners or anyone standing near them. A labrador or GSD would most likely bite someone when they are in a rage state.

      • And the dog posted on the picture isn’t even a pitbull. That’s an american bully. Dog fighters don’t use ambullies for fighting.

      • So the breeds they use for dog fighting has nothing to do with the fighting itself, but rather the willingness, or unwillingess to bite people? Doesn’t sound very efficient. Do you know the history of the pitbull? How come Michael Vick used stolen labs and rottweilers as bait dogs, if the fighting abilities are the same?

        • Stolen labs and rottweilers, do you know that most of the pits, those that are too mellow are killed in the most horrid manner or used as bait dogs too? They use cats and other animals as bait dogs. You live in a world that is influenced by the media. In middle east they also fight dogs and it’s not pitbulls, they use other breeds. In Central Asia they also fight dogs just for sport. The dog fighters train the dogs that way. I’ve seen them use German shepherds, rottweilers, bull terriers even jack russel terriers to fight. All you have to do is train it to fight. But since pits are easy to get and easy to maintain, and are extremely loyal and easy to train. They use pitbulls. In other countries where pits are not that easy to get, they use other dog breeds.

  3. These people who get their kicks out of such horrendous cruelty are sick & demented scum bags! Pls charge them much more!! Best result is to apply same cruelty & torture to the demented selfish scum bags they apply to these beautiful, innocent dogs without a voice!! Sickening & disturbing…these scum bags are without heart & out for such demented torture!! Anyone who is cruel to any dog should have same cruelty applied to them in spades!! Such cruelty & torture applied to dogs will be done to another human.Stiff fines do not cut it. Best to have same cruelty applied, otherwise put them in prison…let the inmates work them over!

  4. Thank-You, SOOOOO much for your dedication in helping these beautiful babies. I would also like to extend my deepest gratitude for your going to these places including fights(and not loosing you cool) for the safety and well being of these innocents. Thanx, to all of the rescues that are helping the ones that can be rehabed. You have my utmost respect and gratitude for the incredibly job that you do.

  5. Why do they attach a picture of an American Bully to this article??? The dog in the pic above wouldn’t fight if his life depended on it. It’s hilarious what the public thinks is a pit bull, I could walk a box dog around the city all day and maybe 0.0001% of the population would even know it was a pit bull.

  6. i watch animal bust all the time its rampant in my neck of the woods… Im sure these bust in Alabama were of European-american decent because if it was of color the men/ women involved in the case were going to be named as well as pics would be associated with the post!!! not justifying the crime the stating the facts from my research concludes the media insist on portraying the black community as savages while others are brushed under the rug and hidden from scrutiny


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