Shoplifting Dog in South Carolina Gets Busted

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12.6.13 - Dog Caught Shoplifting

When Cato got off his leash, he didn’t just roam the neighborhood. He went to his local Dollar General to help himself to some tasty dog treats – twice – before being apprehended. Police called the incident their “best arrest ever.”

Employees at a South Carolina Dollar General had an otherwise routine day shaken up when they caught a shoplifter in the act. They noticed pigs’ ears, beef bones and other snacks were missing from the shelves, but no one had purchased them.

“We didn’t know it happened because he just snuck in with the customers,” said store manager Anastasia Polson.

When the thief struck twice within a few minutes, she watched the most recent surveillance footage to catch a glimpse of the culprit.

Cato waited for a person to walk by and trigger the automated door then trotted in. Within a minute he has his prize and is gone, but soon comes back for more.

12.6.13 - Dog Caught Shoplifting2

“We had to lock the door to keep him from coming back in,” Anastasia said.

Cato’s stash was buried nearby. Police were amused by their catch, and even filled out a report. It is unknown whether or not Cato had his mugshot and pawprints taken.

“My dog was shoplifting?” owner Holly Darden asked.

She said she doesn’t know if this is the first time her dog has engaged in criminal pursuits, but he’s ventured into other places of business before.

“He’s gotten into Ingles. He’s gotten into BI-LO. He goes to Pizza Hut. And he goes up to Yo Cup which is downtown, too,” Holly laughed.

Perhaps now that Cato has a rap sheet, she’ll keep a closer eye on him.

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6 thoughts on “Shoplifting Dog in South Carolina Gets Busted”

  1. those news reporters are absolutely correct…Cato will be back in the news having been killed by a car or involved in a dog fighting ring, being used as a bait dog! And I agree, this lady should NOT have a dog if this is the best she can do to protect him!
    Cato deserves better than this!

    • Get lost !

      Seriously, you can tell that Dog is loved.

      And though I agree he should be supervised on his walks, and he needs more of them, Many Dogs learn street smarts much better than us humans and our copious distractions…

      The news story is funny, but it doesn’t need your judgement, and just plain dumb comments, added to it…

      • Huskies are very smart and need a lot of exercise and mental stimulation. I agree that this woman needs to keep him leashed. He could get hurt or killed.

  2. It may be an amusing story, but I have to agree somewhat with the first poster – this dog should not be allowed to run loose to get into these situations. He could easily end up getting hit by a car. A responsible pet owner does not allow their dog to run loose.

  3. Did you ever stop to think that this dog is waiting until his owner is no longer home to do his break outs and break ins???


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