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Dog Found Near Death Adopted by Good Samaritan Who Saved Her


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hopeA dog starved to the brink of death has found a new home with the Good Samaritan who rescued her. ‘Hope’, a German Shepherd mix, was found Friday on the side of a road in Labelle, Florida. Dumped and left to die, she was so hungry that she was eating sand in an attempt to survive. When she arrived at the Caloosa Humane Society, she was so weak that the only thing she could do was move her eyes.

“She was lifeless,” said Humane Society employee Alex Distefano. “She actually defecated on the floor and it was sand. She was probably eating dirt to fill her stomach,” he said. She was infested with worms and fleas, and was anemic. And she was only half of her normal body weight of 60 pounds.

After a few days of TLC, Hope can still only walk short distances before she tires, but she’s gained five pounds and, miraculously, is expected to make a full recovery. Shelter staff have been feeding her small meals ten times each day to get her back on food, and she is watched around the clock by her concerned caretakers.

This infuriating story does include a positive twist: the woman who found hope was so moved by her will to survive that she said she plans to adopt her. Once unwanted, Hope will be released to her new home as soon as she is strong enough. Shelter employees say they will miss the resilient survivor.

“She touched our lives,” said Kirsten Kalpa.