Woman Gives Dog Away, Sees it Dragged Past Her House 1 Month Later

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A Horn Lake, Mississippi woman says she and her two young children watched in horror as a dog she gave away was dragged by a chain behind a pickup truck in front of her home.

Police say there is insufficient evidence to charge the driver. The investigation remains open.

62 thoughts on “Woman Gives Dog Away, Sees it Dragged Past Her House 1 Month Later”

  1. I think the driver should be charged and then maybe someone should drag him. If people were yelling at the driver that he was dragging a dog then I am sure he knew. There is a place in Hell for that abuser and his kind. I do wish that cops would do something though. Poor innocent dog. If the cops saw that driver dragging the poor dog at least they should be able to charge him with negligence. I know that charges should be filed.Heaven help those who do nothing about this. Karma has way of coming back and biting you!

    • If someone will post the tag # of the truck, I will make sure that the owner of that truck confesses to what he did or another brand of justice will be swift & severe. I will perform an autopsy while this hemrrhoid is still alive.

  2. Regardless of what happened, the man had two different stories. Not even man enough to own up. His life isn’t worth the price of a rope to hang him. He probably beats his wife, who couldn’t muster the courage to be honest, either.

  3. I agree that they could at the very least charge him with neglect. I can’t understand why anyone would do such a thing to a dog but I also don’t understand why the people who gave this dog to these people chose to keep calling it ‘my dog’. They gave it away so it’s no longer theirs.
    I would love to see the driver dragged behind a truck for a few miles and than pour some thing caustic on him.

  4. This is bull – people saw the dog being dragged, the guy was being yelled at – how stupid is he? Throw his a** in jail – he did it on purpose.

  5. This low class person that did this to the dog needs
    to be put down. Really lower lower level people in
    a slum neighborhood, what can you B and W trash.

    Filthy human beings with low intelligence like this
    should not be allowed to own any animals.

    Disgusting !!!

  6. Jesus, how much evidence do they need? Sounds just like what we go through trying to get cruelty cases prosecuted here in Ark.


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