Dog found with bullet wound is back home with her owner

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No arrests in Surry dog shooting

Leah, the dog who was wandered up to the home of an employee of Dogs Deserve Better after being shot in the snout, is home safe once again. The Dutch German Shepherd belongs to Kristin Kessinger of Surry County, Virginia.  Kessinger let Leah out on Sunday afternoon and later received a all from a neighbour saying she had been shot.

“My heart just dropped as soon as she had been shot,” Kessinger added. “She’s one of the nicest animals in the world. There’s nothing mean in her.”  Fortunately the man who found the dog took her to hospital where she was treated and Kessinger was contacted.  Due to the nature of her injuries it was unclear whether she would survive. “The bullet traveled down and there are bullet fragments all down though her nose and through her neck,” Kessinger said. “When you hear of a person or an animal being shot point blank in the face, you automatically think they didn’t survive.”

It is a mystery who did this terrible thing to a defenceless animal, and the crime is being investigated by the Surry County Sheriff’s Office but that doesn’t make Kessinger feel much better.  There is still someone out there who would shoot a dog in the face for no apparent reason and that scares her, as it would anyone.  “It just terrifies me because, I know that she had to have been shot somewhere in the area,” Kessinger said.

Kessinger and Leah live in a fairly remote area and so Leah ha always been allowed to roam free and has never gotten into trouble.   Now Kessinger is preparing to build a fence around the property in order to keep her safe, and hopes that the person who did this will be caught on punished.