FreeHand Dog Food is on a mission to help shelter dogs

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freehandFreeHand dog food brand is a bit pricey for many dog owners, but the grain-free holistic food company is making sure it takes care of not only the pampered pooches but the ones in need as well.

Every time a pet owner purchases a bag of FreeHand dog food the retailer gets to select a shelter to receive the same amount of food for free. It’s a buy one get one free deal that benefits shelter dogs. The company makes it part of their mission to not only provide customers with high-quality dog food but also to help the lives of shelter dogs.

“We are relieving the shelter’s financial burden of having to vaccinate, spay and neuter these dogs,” said Tom Bagamane, co-founder of Freehand. “They save money by not having to buy food since they feed the dogs directly. They save case, so the dogs get the full impact.”

The company was launched in 2012 and has so far provided more than 46,000 meals to homeless dogs. The company is able to afford the program by making cuts elsewhere. “We’d rather put money toward actually feeding shelter dogs than toward really pretty sales displays or TV ads and high salaries,” said Bagamane. “How can dogs benefit from a TV ad or coupon? That’s not going to keep a dog alive.”

The dog food donated to the shelters is specifically formulated by the company so shelters can use it on dogs of all ages. “A shelter doesn’t know if it’s going to take in puppies or old dogs, and any dog can eat this and get back in good health,” Bagamane said.

Although the price of FreeHand is a little more than many other dog foods it is helping shelter dogs and the Doginton Post named it the “Best Dry Food of 2012.” It is available at select retailers but also easily available online. To find out more information on FreeHand dog food visit their website.