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Dog Gets Head Stuck in Car Engine

by Katherine

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On April 22, 2014, a street dog from Kondhwa, India, got the rescue of his life when a motorist realized the stray’s head was stuck inside the car’s engine.

Feroz Shaikh had parked his car on the street on that night, and the next morning when he went to his car and head to work he heard the dog crying. Immediately, he knew he had to do something to free the street dog.

“When I got out and saw that a dog was stuck below my car, the only thing I could think [was] how to save him,” Shaikh told

Photo Credit: Agency/DNA
Photo Credit: Agency/DNA


The car owner went to a local mechanic shop and asked for help, but the shop did not have the necessary tools to free the dog. Shaikh tried to free the dog on his own, but failed and that is when he called authorities for help.

Firefighters tried for two hours to free the stray and succeeded.

“We used a car lifting hydraulic jack along with a lifting bag and got [the dog] out of the engine around 2.30 p.m.,” said Firefighter Umesh Shinde.

The stray spent approximately 12 hours with his head stuck inside the car’s engine. He suffered some minor cuts and bruises to his head, but fortunately he found compassionate people that were willing to do whatever they could to free him.

Thanks to Mr. Shaikh and Mr. Shinde the stray is alive today. The organization People for Animals in India, appreciated the help the fire brigade provided the stray.