Police and Animal Control Rescue Dog from Missouri Interstate

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On April 8, 2014, Rolla Animal Shelter in Missouri, received a distressed call reporting a stranded dog on I-44. The motorist reporting the incident said the pet was on an embankment under the V Highway overpass.

Rolla Animal Shelter Supervisor John Redshaw and Animal Control Officer Roy Taylor headed to the scene to rescue the pet, but they needed to secure the area and stop traffic in order for the rescue to take place. That’s when Rolla Police Department and Missouri State Highway Patrol were called to assist.

Photo Credit: Rolla Animal Shelter/Facebook
Photo Credit: Rolla Animal Shelter/Facebook


Highway Patrol provided a slow rolling road block giving Redshaw and AC officer Taylor the opportunity to leash and rescue the dog.

“The state patrol slowed down westbound traffic to allow us to get to the dog,” Redshaw told The Rolla Daily News. “[The dog] was completely scared.”

After the securing the pet, the stranded female dog was taken to Rolla Animal Shelter and scanned for a microchip. Unfortunately, the pet did not have a microchip and it was not wearing any ID tags.

The canine was put on hold for five day to give her owners a chance to claim her. However, no one came forward.

The I-44 dog has been made available for adoption and anyone interested in offering her a home can contact Rolla Animal Shelter at (573) 364-6995, on Facebook or on their website.


7 thoughts on “Police and Animal Control Rescue Dog from Missouri Interstate”

  1. at lest he was a good cop most would have shoot the dog bless him for beaing a good cop helping that dog

    • Yeah, when was the last time you saw an article with the header “Cop shoots dog to get it off the highway”? Never? That’s what I thought.

  2. That God because he is the 1 that made this happen her getting rescued and thank all the people that helped rescue her. I rescued a dog this past Sunday that was being abused the girl hit her with her car she hadn,t had food in days they were kicking her and beating on her and when I got their to get her I saw the woman kicking and beating her it was so heartbreaking. I don,t like violence but in this situation I was forced to get violent with this woman as I was trying to get the dog she attacked me and I proudly say I gave back to her what she was giving to this poor dog. He is with me now and eating good and he is so sweet I truely love him.


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