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Playful but Stubborn Dog Refuses to Swim Back to Shore

by Katherine

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Adam, a five-year-old boxer-chow mix from Indianapolis, Ind., likes to go fishing at White River with his owners George Adams and son Timothy, however on April 13, 2014, the canine chased after a duck and became stranded on top of log. The pet was stranded in the middle of the river for more than 90 minutes, and after failed attempts from the Adams family to lure the dog back to shore, authorities got involved and rescued the pet.

Photo Credit: Rob Goebel/The Star
Photo Credit: Rob Goebel/The Star


Timothy Adams spoke with IndyStar and said the playful dog normally likes to take a dip in the river, but on that day the stubborn dog refused to swim back.

The father and son tried luring their four-legged family member with stuffed animals, treats, and commands, but nothing they did worked on the stubborn dog and the canine stayed put on top of the log until rescuers successfully retrieved him.

Photo Credit: Rob Goebel/The Star
Photo Credit: Rob Goebel/The Star


With no other option, the dog owners called the Indianapolis Fire Department crew and a rescue boat was dispatched to rescue the pet from the Lake Indy ramp at West 30th Street and Riverside Drive East.

The hero rescuers used a rope to loop around the dog’s neck and gently pull him onto the boat.

Within minutes the dog was back on safe ground and reunited with his owners.

Let’s hope that on the next family fishing trip the playful canine decides to swim back to shore if he takes off after another duck.