Dog goes missing after saving his owner’s life from a fire

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Jeff Rossi made it safely out of a fire thanks to his dog Harley. Now Rossi is desperate to find his best friend and hero.

On Sunday morning Rossi’s parent’s home in Shamong Township, New Jersey caught on fire. The three-alarm fire would end up destroying the home. It is thanks to Harley that Rossi and his friend, who was also in the home, got out of the fire safely. Rossi’s parents were away on vacation.

Rossi was asleep on the couch when the fire broke out. His black lab Harley’s barking woke him up just in time. Rossi and Harley ran out the front door, but Harley kept running. “It all happened really fast,” said Rossi. No one has seen Harley since. “I think he was really, really scared and he just took off as fast as he could. It’s just not like him to not come back,” Rossi said.

Rossi has been searching everywhere for Harley and has posted signs in hopes that someone will find him. Rossi even spent Sunday night sleeping in his car parked in the driveway of the now burned down home in case Harley came back. Harley is wearing a Harley Davidson collar, but no tags. “He should respond to his name and he’s very, very friendly,” said Rossi.


7 thoughts on “Dog goes missing after saving his owner’s life from a fire”

  1. There was a well behaved black lab taken to the Animal Orphanage in Voorhees, NJ. Could be the same dog.

    • Harley was found in the home. He unfortunately perished in the fire that he saved his owner from. He is devastated as I would be too.

  2. Lay some of your clothes outside for him. Dogs know their owners scent and maybe that will lead him back to you. My thought and prayers are with you for the loss of your home and your dog missing. We just lost our yellow lab pup on Monday. He was hit by a car and left to die alone on the side of the road. I hope he comes back soon!

    • Harley was found among the debris in the home when they went to start demolition and evidently had NOT made it out of the house or had gone back in. They are devastated as I would be too. My husband is a friend of his owner’s.


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