Dog Has a Brilliant Time with Her New Toy

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This looks like an awesome toy – cheap and easy to make, and it could keep a dog entertained for hours – provided that they don’t just chomp right through those bottles!





34 thoughts on “Dog Has a Brilliant Time with Her New Toy”

  1. This is a great toy. My sister made one for my Border Collie – who tends to be tough on toys! He LOVES it!! Will need to replace the bottles every now and then because he gets frustrated when he can’t get the treats out fast enough and bites the bottles! 🙂 You can make it as sturdy as you need to. Mine is quite heavy so he doesn’t pick it up and run around the yard with it!!

  2. My only dislike is the bar through the middle as some dogs mnight accidentally get a mouthful of metal and thats no good for there teeth


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