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Dog helps save owner hit by car


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borgA man in Florida was walking his dog Wednesday morning when he was struck by a car. The dog immediately came to his aid and attempted to drag the man to safety.

Benny Ortiz was walking his Louisiana Catahoula Leopard dog named Borg on Wednesday morning before he had to go to work. As Ortiz was crossing State Road 54 he was hit by a car. Borg quickly went into action to try to help his fallen owner.

Borg tried to pull Ortiz out of the street and to safety. Risa Ortega was getting on her school bus at the time when she saw Borg making a commotion in the street. “If it wasn’t for the dog, then I wouldn’t have seen what was out there,” she said.  Ortega quickly called 911.

When Borg was unable to drag Ortiz to safety he ran to get help from Ortiz’s wife. Marka Ortiz was at home when she heard Borg barking frantically. She came outside and was horrified by what she saw. “I see my dog siting in the driveway and my husband laying in the road.”

The woman who hit Ortiz did turn around and come back to the scene. Ortiz was taken to the hospital with a broken leg and facial fractures. He’s going to be ok thanks in part to Borg’s efforts.  “He let me know, and everybody tells me he was trying to rescue him out of the road,” said Marka Ortiz.