Dog honored for a decade of service

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hamishFor ten years Hamish McFee has been helping stroke victims with their recovery. Croydon Health Services is recognizing the West Highland terrier’s years of service with an award.

Hamish has worked with victims of strokes at Mayday Hospital. Hamish was recognized for his service to the elderly but he also spends a good amount of time helping school children as well.  He assists them in crossing the road safely and also works with children who have pet phobias. Hamish’s volunteer work has been impressive. He has a huge impact on the elderly patients he visits with and brings comfort to.

One time Hamish helped bring a woman out of a coma. “The daughter asked if Hamish could visit her mum because she loved dogs and they hoped it would help,” said Hamish’s owner Barry Crossby. “We visited her for several weeks chatting to her until one day a member of the family rushed up to say the lady had woken up and asked ‘Where is Hamish?’ His name the first thing she said.”

Croydon Health Service honored and thanked Hamish for his decade of service along with other human volunteers who had dedicated years of service to the hospital.