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Dog in the Woods Gets Rescued

by Katherine

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Photo Credit: Claire Christin
Photo Credit: Claire Christin

Back in June we brought you the story of a homeless Pit Bull that had been living in the Dekalb County, Ga., woods since November 2012. Well, this dog has been helped and there is a happy ending to his ordeal.

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Claire Christin, the woman that had been video taping, feeding, and looking for a forever home for the dog was able to gain the Pit Bull’s trust. The canine who was always happy and bouncing with excitement whenever Christine came near him, earned the name of Happy.

Christin welcomed Happy into her backyard and he no longer lives alone in the woods, but because she owns two older dogs she can’t keep Happy.

“[Happy] sleeps in my bed and is the most wonderful dog ever,” said Christin. “I just can’t keep him, but I finally got someone who offered to help.”

A woman named Merle, who works in Woods Animal Hospital in Norcross, Ga., came forward to rescue Happy. She will take him in and pair him up with a man that does behavioral training and works at a local doggie day care.

During the day, Happy will go to the doggy day care with his trainer. Once he is trained they will try to adopt him out in Georgia, but if no one shows any interest in him, Happy will go to Chattanooga with a Pit Bull rescue group.

This shows that when the community works together great things happen.