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Dog is Shot While Saving Owners and Now Needs Critical Surgery


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CharlieA family in Los Angeles is alive thanks to their heroic dog Charlie and now it is their turn to save Charlie’s life.

Charlie bravely took, not just one, but two bullets for her family after an intruder entered the home with a gun. The whole family was home and terrified, with the children standing right there with Charlie before she jumped into action.

Those children and their parents could have been victims themselves if it weren’t for Charlie! Unfortunately, the family has very limited resources and they were dismayed to discover it would take more than $3,000 to remove the bullets so that Charlie can continue to live her life.

The family was heartbroken upon hearing this because they know that they must save Charlie’s life but they have no additional finances.

They love Charlie and know that they cannot put her to sleep, especially after she saved their own lives! With heavy hearts, they brought her to a shelter in the hopes that she may be rescued by a person or organization with more finances than they have. They put her life and needs above their own and brought her to North Central Shelter-City of Los Angeles.

The family now feels that, not only did someone violate their lives and get away without a scratch, but he also took their beloved companion from them.

The North Central Shelter Intervention Program thankfully works with families like Charlie’s by offering assistance so that they don’t have to give up their pet. When they heard Charlie’s story, they immediately knew this was the kind of situation their program exists for-helping wonderful and caring families in tough situations who are trying to do right by their pets.

They are now trying to raise money for Charlie and her family so that she can remain with them and receive the surgery that she needs.

You can visit the special fundraising page for Charlie here: or if you want to use paypal, log in to your account and donate to [email protected]

Everyone is holding out hope for Charlie the hero and her family!

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