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Dog loving brewer creates special beer for dogs


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dawggrogDaniel Keeton loves a good beer and he loves his dog. He has now combined his two loves by creating a healthy non-alcoholic brew especially for dogs.

Keeton works at Boneyard Breweries in Bend, Oregon and has enjoyed serving beer to customers for years. His beloved dog Lola Jane couldn’t sit at the bar and enjoy a beer with him, but now thanks to Keeton she gets a tasty treat he’s calling Dawg Grog. “Bend is a dog-loving community and a beer-loving community,” said Keeton. “I wanted to marry those two together some way.”

Keeton played around with different recipes for a couple years and finally found one that he and Lola Jane are happy with. Dawg Grog includes low-sodium vegetable broth, water and spent grain from Boneyard Brewery. “Initially, people have to look at the label twice,” said Doug LaPlaca, CEO of Dawg Grog’s first retail customer Visit Bend. “Then they ask us, ‘Is this really for dogs?’”

Dawg Grog can be served over dry food or by itself and one of Keeton’s friends has found another great use for it. “A couple of my friends who just acquired a puppy are making ice cubes out of it and it’s helping their teething.” Dawg Grog is available online at