Dog Rescue: Rosie and Her Family

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Eldad Hagar of Los Angeles rescue organization Hope for Paws rescued Rosie and her family for START (Shelter Transport Animal Rescue team).

After trapping mama Rosie in a littered vacant lot and earning her trust, Eldad Hagar used a creative approach to finding her puppies. The little family was then rescued with Rosie’s approval.

Eldad writes: This video is so important because of the cool new trick I came up with while sitting with Rosie under a truck for more than an hour.
Always remember to be VERY CAREFUL when approaching puppies – especially when you don’t know how the mom would behave. It can be dangerous.



14 thoughts on “Dog Rescue: Rosie and Her Family”

  1. Eldad you are a true living angel for being so patient with Rosie and finding her pups. I cried thru this whole video. I hope Rosie and her babies get the homes they deserve!

  2. OMG…..such a great story!! That guy is an angel…..keep up the great work… will be rewarded for being such a nice person!!

  3. Eldad, thank God for people like you; this video certainly shows how good Pit Bulls can be as this mother even let Eldad close to her puppies-now that is trust!!! Hope they all get good homes.


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