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Dog Missing for 17 Months Is Found 400 Miles Away

by Katherine

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The Romans family from Lousiville, Ky., never thought that after their 7-year-old pet Beagle went missing on October 2012, they would be reunited once again, but destiny had it that 17 months after getting lost, Sassy, who had been known to Pennsylvania foster parents as Jenny, would return home.

While Cindy Romans was away on vacation she left her pet under the care of family members, but Sassy ran away from her house during one of her trips out to the yard.

Sassy reunited with her rightful owner Cindy Romans.
Sassy reunited with her rightful owner Cindy Romans.

The Romans searched for the canine, but after months of not knowing anything about the Beaggle, they simply gave up hope and thought the worse had happened. However, Sassy was picked up by a Kentucky area kill shelter, and somehow got rescued by Forever Home Beagle Rescue, Inc. based in Pittsburgh.

During the past two months, April Smith and Hope Wilson from Pennsylvania have been fostering a Beagle they called Jenny. The women believed that since the pet came to them through a rescue group it must have been checked for a microchip, and since none was found the dog was placed into their foster care.

However, when Sassy – then known as Jenny – went for a vet checkup, she was scanned for a microchip again and one detailing her name and rightful owners was found.

“I was in total disbelief,” Smith told WTAE reported NY Daily News. “They said ‘Yeah she is, and her name is Sassy.’ And as soon as they said Sassy her head turned, and I said ‘Are you Sassy’ and her tail started wagging right away.”

Sassy’s foster parents contacted the registered phone number on the microchip to reunite the dog with her true owners.

According to Romans her ex-husband called her with the great news.

“He said, ‘I just got a call from a woman in Pennsylvania and she’s got Sassy,'” recalled Romans. “And I said, ‘No way! In Pennsylvania?'”

Smith and Wilson made arrangements to send the dog back home, and yesterday, March 28, 2014, Sassy made the trip back to her owners loving arms.

Never give up hope, your pet could be well taken care of by loving foster parents like Smith and Wilson. Make sure your pet has a microchip and hope that like Sassy, the once undetected chip gets picked up by a second or third scan and a reunion is made possible.