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Dog Orders & Pays for His Own Ice Cream

by Melanie

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10.11.15 - Zack Orders His Own Ice Cream0


The best part of any dog’s day revolves around three things – attention from people, outdoor adventures, or treats.  Zack gets all three when he gets to go outside and order ice cream – he even pays for it himself!

“Zack, our Golden Retriever, loves his ice cream that much, he goes and gets his own!”






According to owner Jon Hubble, Zack had mast cell tumors three years ago, and ballooned to 117 pounds.  But he has lost about 40 pounds, and now his one daily treat is a small ice cream cone.

This polite dog has been getting so much attention from this now viral video that it’s interfering with his work.

“All this interest is starting to take him away from his day job of Head of Security at our Recruitment company!”