Mysterious Man Saves Dog from Fire Seconds Before Roof Collapses

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An anonymous hero saved the life of a dog who was trapped inside a home engulfed in flames.  What’s even more heroic is that the man managed to get both the dog and himself out of the home just 30 seconds before the roof caved in.

Firefighters were called to battle a blaze that was quickly consuming a home in White House, Tennessee.  A dog was trapped inside, and the homeowners were out of town.  (There had been a sitter to check on him.)  Before the fire crew arrived, however, a mystery man swooped in to save the dog.


10.11.15 - Mysterious Man Saves Dog from Fire Seconds Before Roof Collapse1


“This guy in a gray mustang pulls up says, ‘I do this for a living,’ and he runs in and he comes out about two minutes later with this beautiful dog in his arms, and it was incredible to see,” a man named Jimmy Nichols explained to WSMV-TV Nashville.

The man didn’t stick around to be praised or interviewed.

“He got in his car and left… it was so weird – he just took off.”


10.11.15 - Mysterious Man Saves Dog from Fire Seconds Before Roof Collapse3


The dog was left in the care of neighbors and friends.  Sadly, the entire home was lost to the fire, and the three cats inside have not been found yet.

But because of the actions of that unknown man, a dog is alive and safe.

“Literally 30 seconds after that guy got out the roof collapsed.” Nichols said.  “He’s got the love and respect of this whole community.”

Investigators believe the unintentional fire was caused by something electric.




UPDATE – 10/11 – 6:55 PM  – The cats have been found, and all three are alive!  Angela James Searcy, a friend of the family, is a Life With Dogs fan and shared a happy update in the comment section on Facebook:

“Found 2 cats and the other has been seen. They were under beds and that is where they still were with debris on top of them but they are fine!”


10.11.15 - Mysterious Man Saves Dog from Fire Seconds Before Roof Collapse4


10.11.15 - Mysterious Man Saves Dog from Fire Seconds Before Roof Collapse5

33 thoughts on “Mysterious Man Saves Dog from Fire Seconds Before Roof Collapses”

  1. The owners should be ashamed of themselves leaving their dog alone in their home with only someone coming by to feed it. That is torture to a dog. God bless his rescuer!

    • I know these people, it is a friend’s son. She was staying at the house and left for a bit to go to the store.

    • I petsit and the guardians of the animals always tell me I can just come over and feed them and let them out and stay at home…NO WAY!!!!!! If you are petsitting, you should always stay at the home. I used to say especially for dogs, but I believe cats should not be alone either.

  2. If I had been this hero, this would go down in my book as the most important thing I’ve ever done. God bless him.

  3. hero…I would have done the same thing. Amazing to know theyre are real héroes out there

  4. Bless you kind sir for rescuing someones furbaby.. May Karma shine her light on you for many years to come 🙂

  5. Every SUPERHERO needs a catch phrase .. ” i do this for a living.”
    A true blessing this man was.


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