Dog Rescue – Night Mission: Perry

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Another heartwarming dog rescue is captured compellingly on video by Eldad Hagar. Perry was abused on the streets and was wary of capture, but he blossomed after his rescue into a happy, trusting boy.

Eldad wrote at Flickr, the day after Perry’s rescue:

[Perry] rescue required so much effort by both Bill Foundation and Hope For Paws.

First it was an hour and a half drive to the location, then Annie and I tried to get him for 3.5 hours while we still had daylight, but he wouldn’t let us get him or trick him in any way. Perry is super smart, lived on the streets for many months, and he didn’t trust anyone because he was abused by kids on the street who threw rocks at him, and used a BB gun to shoot him.

As we were planning this night rescue, we learned that Animal Control tried to get him so many times. They used a dart gun 4 times!! They missed 3 times, and in the 4th attempt – the dart just bounced off of him (you really have to know what you’re doing when using it).

A few local rescuers tried to help him as well, and if I got the story right – one rescuer broke his shoulder, and the other dislocated his shoulder (I have no idea what they were doing or trying to do).

As it got dark, I decided to go to Home Depot, and buy 100 ft. of plastic fencing ($25).

Perry had a few people on the street who really loved him, cared for him & fed him. I decided to use this to my advantage. I knew that every night Perry slept on Georgina’s porch, so with her permission, we enclosed her porch with the fence we just bought.

One more thing Perry loves (other than Cuban food that Georgina cooked for him every day) is DOGS. I spotted a neighbor on the street walking her dog, asked her to walk into the enclosed porch, and once he was in, we closed the way out, and the mission was successful.

Perry was so scared, and I even used a towel at first just to touch him.

The rest is a beautiful transformation that you will see in a video. Most of it filmed in night vision… I think it’s really cool.