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Dog Rescued after Falling Off Bridge

by Katherine

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In Lima, Peru, a 9-month hold Siberian Husky named Jena was rescued by police officers after the dog fell off a bridge when she took off chasing a stray cat.

Peruvian police rescuing Jena.
Peruvian police rescuing Jena.

Jenna was out for an off-leash walk with her young owner, 12-year-old Miguel Angel, when the canine’s attention was captured by a kitty. Immediately, the Husky zoned in after the cat, and when the feline took off running so did the dog.

The child and the pets were near a bridge on Morales Duarez Ave. in the center of the city. In an attempt to loose its hunting predator, the stray cat cut through the bridge’s safety iron fence, but unfortunately fell off of it. The dog followed and both were trapped on the dangerous terrain under the bridge.

Neighbors contacted police when they realized Miguel Angel needed help rescuing his pet.

Police officer arrived on the scene and used ropes, a harness, and a fabric bag to rescue both animals.

Jenna and the cat spent 1.5 hours trapped on the cliff, but fortunately, and thanks to the hero police officers, both were safely rescued from their dive off the bridge adventure.

Neither pet suffered any serious injuries.