Loyal Dog Stays By Deceased Owner’s Side for 30 Hours

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chaseChase was out on a walk with his owner Saturday when the woman collapsed in the snow. Chase stayed by the woman’s side and desperately barked for barked for 30 hours until someone finally came to help. Unfortunately it was too late for the woman and now Chase needs a new home.

Claudine Murphy was taking her dog Chase for a walk in Lancaster, Pennsylvania on Saturday when she collapsed in a wooded area. Chase tried to get someone’s attention, but due to the cold weather there was no one nearby to hear his barks. For 30 hours Chase faithfully stayed by Murphy’s side and continued to bark until a neighbor finally heard his desperate plea.

It was too late though, Murphy had passed away from hypothermia. Murphy’s family is taking care of Chase for the time being but for several reason they are unable to provide him a permanent home. Now United Rescue Effort is trying to find him the right home.

They have already received inquiries from as far away as Florida and Kansas, but the rescue wants to make sure they find Chase the perfect home.

“We’re very strict on how we adopt out animals,” said Susan Riegel of United Rescue Effort. “There is a big interview process involved. It’s a very long, slow process. Let’s face it. Chase was with his owner for nine years, so you don’t want to disrupt his life too much. But you want to get him acclimated to a new environment.”

Anyone interested in providing a loving home to Chase can contact Nancy Althouse at (717) 481-6107 or visit United Rescue Effort’s website for more information.

1 thought on “Loyal Dog Stays By Deceased Owner’s Side for 30 Hours”

  1. That long, strict slow interview process is why we never got the adopted dog we wanted but rather gave up all hope of getting a rescue after being repeatedly disappointed after getting our hopes up. Instead we reserved a dog at a breeder because there was less hassle in obtaining a dog that way. I realize there needs to be standards in place and they need to do history of the owner check before allowing a dog to be adopted out, but for God’s sake we have a dog that is a tripawd and two year survivor of bone cancer that we have had since she was a puppy. If we can’t adopt a dog, then who can? Rescues, you need to make it a tad bit easier or at least quicker for someone to get a dog because we really wanted to rescue one but just got tired of waiting. I’m glad our breeder trusted us because we have a great second dog now who we really love.


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