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Special Moments with Your Dogs

by Melanie

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What is your #RecipeForMoments?

1.24.14 - Special Moments Contest1Day in and day out my dogs are a focal point of my life. From the responsibilities to the fun things, not a day goes by when they don’t put a smile on my heart. I resonate with statements like, “If my dog doesn’t like you. I don’t like you.” And, “If you don’t like my dog I’m happy to lock you in a room when you come over.” Or, “Leave me alone. I’m only speaking to my dog today.” From my perspective, my dogs truly “get” me. From their perspective, I’m a loving deliverer of treats and play. We’re a perfect match.

Recently, I had to be away from my dogs for a long 12 days, and I not only missed my dogs, but worried about them missing me too. Luckily, I have a pet loving family and was able to get plenty of love from the family dogs. The main object of my love was Sir Fergus Poindexter, or Ferg for short. Ferg is an adorable six-month-old English Pointer adopted from the SPCA in Norwich, NY. He was a bundle of energy and a goof!

Ferg is lucky to live in the country in New York on acres of land. A highlight of my trip was taking Ferg out for a hike in the woods with my cousin. I watched him sniff every possible thing in sight, while continuing to check in and make sure we were still with him.


A quick run up to us with a wagging tail, followed by a sprint ahead to check out what the next 30 yards would bring, let us know he was in heaven. He would dart into the woods out of sight, we would call him, and he would come darting out to us making sure to come right up and meet our eyes, as if to tell us there was nothing to worry about. Watching him enjoy his time, and yet be so in tune with where we were and where we were going, was pure joy. I smiled the whole hike because Fergus was by our side.

What was this hike like for Fergus? I often wonder what my dogs are actually experiencing when we are playing or bonding. From Fergus’ eyes we were happy and he was a part of that, and that is all that mattered. Fresh air and happy faces and his day was complete. We could learn so much from a dog’s ability to be present in the moment. Nothing else matters. It’s the perfect recipe for special moments.

I would love to hear your special moments with your dogs in the comments. If you are a blogger, Nature’s Recipe® is looking for you to share your special moments and get the opportunity to win a customized Nature’s Recipe lightweight collar camera for cats and dogs. Finally a camera that can take photos from your dog’s point of view, and has the ability to easily upload them to digital scrapbooks where you can edit and share them. Learn more here, and check out the Pet360 community where another giveaway will be hosted during February.

Next time you are with your dog, take a moment to think about their point of view. When they cock their head at you, what could they possibly be thinking? Feeling? Capture that moment and share it with us. Every moment is special.

1.24.14 - Special Moments Contest2

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