Dog Rescued from Abandoned Pool Needs New Home

by Katherine

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Muchacho being rescued.
Muchacho being rescued.

In Ciudad Real, Spain, a 4-year-old dog was rescued from an abandoned and empty pool, after a passerby realized there was a hurt dog with no access to food, water, or a way out.

La Bienvenida , a local rescue organization was called and they immediately pulled the dog to safety.

The dog, named Muchaho (young boy), was found malnourished, dehydrated and with multiple infected lacerations throughout its body.

“The dog was bleeding from its nose and he had a difficult time standing,” said spokesperson for La Bienvenida. “After spending hours with veterinarians and having worms pulled from his infected wounds, the dog’s spirits have lifted. He looks grateful to have been helped.”

Muchacho is on his way to recovery, but he needs a foster or forever home.

If you want to learn more, or help Muchacho, you can contact La Bienvenida via email at [email protected].