Dog Rescued from Life on a One-Foot Chain

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2.26.14 - Dog On One-Foot Chain Rescued1

A very lovely dog named Dawn has been rescued from a life of misery in Danville, Virginia after being put on a one-foot chain hooked to a tire.  She has since recovered from her neglect and would love to go to a good home and learn what it’s like to have a loving family.

Dawn was rescued and taken in by the Danville Area Humane Society, who has been getting her much needed medical treatment.  They have followed the court case against her abusers, updating supporters on their Facebook page.

“Cruelty and inadequate care treatment charges have been filed against the owner/custodian of a pit bull type dog. A massive injury to the neck was caused by an embedded collar. The close-up photos of the neck are too graphic to show, but the injury extends all the way around the neck. Maggots and flies were in the wound. The dog is underweight, and has fly bites on her ears, and other wounds on her legs and body. No food or water was provided, and the dog was tethered with a chain that was an inadequate, illegal length. A custody hearing has been scheduled for the afternoon of September 11th. We are requesting ownership of the dog to be given to us. Money to pay for her veterinary care does not come from taxpayer money, but comes from donations. Please consider making a donation to our Katie Fund to help.”

Though it sounds gross, the maggots were actually helping Dawn by eating away at infected tissue from the deeply embedded collar and demodectic mange.

“We’ve named her Dawn because it’s the dawn of a new life for her,” said DHS volunteer Paulette Dean. “She is still at a veterinary clinic, and is patiently undergoing all the cleaning, treatment, etc.”


2.26.14 - Dog On One-Foot Chain Rescued2


On November 20th, the Danville Area Humane Society posted this update:

“The cruelty trials involving Dawn, the abused pit bull, were held today in General District Court. The owners/custodians were convicted of cruelty, and they were each sentenced to six months in jail. This picture of Dawn was taken today, about two hours before we left for court. The owners do have the right to note an appeal.”

Their most recent update came just days ago:

“We were in Circuit Court this morning regarding the cruel treatment of Dawn. One of the defendants is still a fugitive, but the Court proceeded with the trial of the other defendant. She was found guilty of cruelty, and was sentenced to a year in jail with eight months suspended. In addition, she cannot own any more companion animals in the City of Danville.”

Though it is unfortunate that justice has not truly been served to Dawn’s abusers, at least this is one girl out of the wrong hands and into a shelter full of caring staff.

Despite all that she had been through, she endured vet visits like a champ, patiently allowing vets and techs to poke, prod and change bandages.  Dawn is a shining example of all dogs are capable of:  though badly mistreated and wasting away in extreme discomfort, she still loves and just wants to be loved.  She has been in a shelter for six months, and though many have expressed interest in her, no one has made a serious effort to adopt her.  If you would like to adopt Dawn, please click here.


2.26.14 - Dog On One-Foot Chain Rescued3

14 thoughts on “Dog Rescued from Life on a One-Foot Chain”

  1. It seems to me that there are alot of ignorant people in the south I am always seeing so many posts about abused dogs in so many southern states..If you are not going to be kind and loving then why have a pet? Do the humans that are “caring” for these precious fur guardians live with bugs crawling on them too? Perhaps stop backyard breeding and spay and neuter your pups?

    • It’s not just the south, it’s everywhere. There are a few details missing from the story too. How did they find Dawn? Did someone turn the owners in for abuse? I’d love to read more about it. And another update would be great:)

    • Unfortunately, some of these people just see/feel differently about these animals that we certainly love.

      I adopted 2 fur-babies from southern VA.

    • Umm.. Virginia isn’t really in the south. It’s more in the Northeast look on a map. Let me guess your are either from New York or California.

  2. Well, it seems to me that those responsible for this dogs neglect and cruel treatment actually should spend their time in jail on a one foot chain!

  3. these people are called “human”?
    what an insult to the human race.
    there is nothing humane about them

  4. Umm.. Virginia isn’t really in the south. It’s more in the Northeast look on a map. Let me guess your are either from New York or California.

  5. anyone that mistreats an animal, should be locked up for
    3 -5 years & NEVER, EVER, allowed to own any pet ever again.
    And those who into watching or training dogs to fight….
    just shoot them dead(the humans, not the dogs) & feed their worthless corpse to the alligators.

  6. hello
    I would like to use the image of Dawn on care2 petition website to start a petition to change the laws in central america in regards to chaining up dogs
    Its a horrible situation here and ther are many dogs in situations like Dawn was in
    I am a traveller currently travelling through the country and stumbled upon Dawns photo> I felt that photo would have the most impact
    Would it be okay to use
    Thank you for the wonderful things you are doing!
    You can contact me at
    [email protected]
    Leslie Westcott


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