Starving Dog Rescued After Being Spotted on Roof

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2.26.14 - Starving Dog Rescued from Roof3

A neglected and very hungry dog was saved after she was seen sitting on the roof of an abandoned house in Detroit.

Neighbor Fred Jordan was concerned about her, and hoped that something would be done to save her.  Another neighbor had been feeding her, but not enough for her to be well-nourished.

Detroit Dog Rescue had been called to the house before, during summer.

2.26.14 - Starving Dog Rescued from Roof4

“The owner lives next door,” said DDR rescuer Dante Dasarno.  “This is basically an abandoned home that he’s turned into a big dog house.”

“You could see how skinny she is… someone’s been coming in here feeding her, but this – is unacceptable,” said DDR rescuer Cory Bothuel.  “She’s emaciated.  You can see her hip bones and you can see her ribs, this is ridiculous! And unfortunately it’s too common – all too common.  We see this every day.”

2.26.14 - Starving Dog Rescued from Roof5

Neighbor Art said a friend dropped off the dog, named Roxy, and he had told them to come and pick her up.  He agreed to release her into DDR’s care.

Cory believes she will make a great family dog.  If you are interested in adopting Roxy or any other adorable dog in need of a home, please visit Detroit Dog Rescue.



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2 thoughts on “Starving Dog Rescued After Being Spotted on Roof”

  1. Media forgot to mention another starved abandoned pitbull. There are sooo many starved abandoned pits in Detroit! It’s crazy! The guy isn’t lying when he says he sees that everyday.

  2. If any of the shelters and rescues out there in the world hear of any boxer dogs being found abandoned since September 5, 2014 Please think of contacting me about them.My two babbies were stolen from my pickup and they could be anywhere by now.
    1 boy 1girl . Fawn/red w/ white paws and chest/ dark face/ natural ears/ docked tail. Very sweet. They are almost a year old. They both know basic comands and will do as directed once you have got there attention. They dont do the stay comand yet. I have looked everywhere i could think to look and have been staying in contact with local shelters as well as shelters in surrounding counties. I look on line every day for most of the day, craigslist / rescues/ facebook. Word of mouth. The only thing I have not done is hire a pet detective and i am looking into gathering funds to do so. I miss them so much. They are all I focus on until i find them and can bring them home where they are safe. I just hope they are not having to go through anything like these poor starving dogs have. My heart goes out to those dogs you all have taken in.
    Thank all of you who have anything to do with helping the animals from those bad expieriences. You are their angels and im sure they are grateful. Keep up the good work : ) and try to remember to watch for two young boxers. Thanks again everybody.

    My number is
    408 4 three eight 0 seven 9 six
    10 months old.


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