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Dog Rescues Stranded Canine Pals from Drifting Canoe

by Katherine

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Dogs are man’s best friend, but they are also other canines’ best friends too.

Robbie, a brave Labrador, jumped into a river to help two other dogs who were stranded alone in a canoe that was drifting away down a fast-flowing river.

The stranded pets were barking and whining waiting to be rescued, and when Robbie heard his friends’ calls of help he immediately went to save them.

In the video you can hear Robbie’s owner encouraging his pet to bring the canoe and its passengers to shore.

The Labrador swims against the river’s current, reaches the boat, and with its teeth grasps onto a rope that he uses to pull the canoe to shore.

Once the three amigos reach the shore, they are all greeted by Robbie’s owner.

Good job Robbie!