Dog Stops Softball College Game When it Steals Players’ Gloves

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We all love to play fetch with our pets and we are amazed when our dogs play Frisbee and time after time they jumped into the air and perfectly catch that flying disk, but have you ever met a dog that wants to be a catcher on a softball team? Well, Western Oregon and Simon Fraser University softball teams met a canine who wanted to join their team.

The women softball teams were concentrated on their game when it was interrupted by a playful Pit bull who ran onto field and brought the game to a halt.

The dark color, friendly pet, ran from team player to team player and on two different opportunities snatched gloves out of the team members’ hands.

On the video we can see how the teams and the fans are just having a good time, laughing, while the dog runs with the gloves.

Eventually, the women get their gloves back and the owner of the dog retrieves the pet from the field.

Final score for the game:
Western Oregon 9, Simon Fraser 0.

As for the dog, his stats are 0 runs, 0 hits, 0 errors and 2 stolen gloves.