Dog Sacrifices Life Getting Help for Owners

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coraWhen Cora and her owners were in a car crash last Thursday night, Cora ran to get help.  In doing so she sacrificed her own life to save her owners.

Joshua Keller and his sister Shelby Keller were traveling with Cora westbound on Highway 26 in Othello, Washington Thursday night.  They lost control of the car and it rolled down a hill and flipped over. Joshua managed to climb his way out of the car, but Shelby was stuck and injured in the car.

Meanwhile their dog Cora ran back to the road to get help. Unfortunately in the darkness she was hard to see and Sgt. Adolfo Coronado accidentally ran into Cora. Sgt. Coronado stopped and got out of his car to check on Cora, but she was gone. However, her actions got the Keller’s the help they needed.

If Sgt. Coronado hadn’t stopped to check on Cora he would have never noticed the car accident off in the field.

“I, all of a sudden, see a man jumping up and down in the field, waving his hands. And that’s when ti started to hit me like ‘oh my God. Something’s going on here,” said Sgt. Coronado.

Shelby is now recovering at a hospital from her injuries. She and Joshua are extremely grateful for the sacrifice their beloved dog made, and are coping with her loss.

“It’s hard to think she’s gone, but was truly an angel to us,” said Joshua.

8 thoughts on “Dog Sacrifices Life Getting Help for Owners”

  1. What an idiotic article. What proof was there the dog was “trying to get help”? None. It is common for dogs to get scared and run off in a car accident, that is how many dogs get lost, and this is exactly what happened here.

  2. And the best way to honor Cora is to get yourselves to a local shelter, a high-kill shelter if one is there, and adopt the dog who will be waiting for you. Adopt two, they’ll both be waiting.

  3. I think the purpose of this story is in hope that an animal that is loyal and loves its caretaker would make such a noble act of care such as this one. Perhaps she was scared and simply ran away, but its fair to give this wonderful dog some credit as she was able to get to the road. And in all fairness I’ve heard of dogs doing amazing selfless acts in benefit of their owner. I hope Cora had love in her heart, and rest in her soul as her owners received the help they needed and hopefully will love another in honour of her life. Pets=Love


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