Dog saved from misadventure on frozen pond

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A Volunteer fire fighter in Felicity, Ohio is being hailed as a hero after saving the life of a 9 year old dog.  The dog, named Brownie, lives with Larry Trammel and over the years has spent time chasing ducks on the frozen pond on Trammel’s property.  But the aging dog has gotten heavier, and this time around her weight caused her to go crashing through the ice into the freezing water, from which she was unable to get out.

“I thought she was going to drown,” said Trammel. “I knew I couldn’t walk out on [the ice]. She was pitiful sounding, you know, barking and crying and fighting.”  Her very worried owner called 911 for help, knowing that he could not go out onto the ice without falling in himself.  Help arrived quickly and rescuer Danny Redden wasted no time getting to a desperate Brownie.

Redden went out on the ice with a rescue basket while Lt. Scott Colyer held on to a safety rope.  The ice broke immediately under his weight but he was safely tied to a line and persisted until he had Brownie safely back on land.  “We went about five feet when the ice gave way and consumed every bit of my body,” said Redden. “The only thing I could keep up was my head.”

This was Redden’s first cold water rescue and he says his training served him well.  Both Brownie and Redden were fine once they were warmed up properly, and Trammel is not the only one grateful for the quick response of the fire fighters.  Redden says he has received many messages of thanks for his actions, and being a dog lover himself is happy to have been able to help.